Nic Nac Stop We Want To Make You Something Special!
  • Handmade T-Shirt Quilted/Afghan Blanket

    Select one to two colors that will border every square and the trim of the blanket

    So you have been collecting all these t-shirts and they are too special to giveaway or throw away, make a blanket out of them!  We even have made blankets using ties, old painter pants, there is no limit to the creativity of these completed projects.

    We have done many for several different occasions - a special gift for someone special, a high school or college graduation, the loss of someone special, for whatever reason these blankets are cherished by the person whom they are made for.

    Working with you, we try to tell a story...maybe its all the races they have been in, maybe they are a worldly traveler, maybe its a story about a lost one, or they are a sports star.  We try to make it a story that they would understand, and it makes them happy.

    We also provide an option to add pictures ($15 more) which we convert to fleece and add to your story.  We also like to know special sayings, nicknames, special dates, whatever you want to provide.

    We require anywhere from 12-32 t-shirts.  The more the better.  We will return any we don't use.

    We love our crocheting so we will put together with a crocheted stich, which makes it unique, and less stiff like an afghan.

    The size measures out to the top of a full-size bed.

    Give us 3-4 weeks to complete.