Nic Nac Stop We Want To Make You Something Special!
  • Baby Onesy Quilt


    So the little one is turning one soon - you look through the closet and dresser drawers and you see all those little outfits they once wore and that memory pops into your head.  You think I can't throw that onesy, or that tee shirt away....  So gather all of them up with maybe some pictures or cute sayings and we will help you design a baby quilt / blanket to celebrate that first birthday.  It will be our pleasure to create that perfect, unique gift that might be a gift for your little one BUT really will be an everlasting memory/gift for YOU!

    They take about a month to make.  There is no limit to how many tees, onesies, outfits to bring in for the quilt.  We will try and use every one of them if we can!